Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

System Advance Co., Ltd., as a company which provides information services, holds up the philosophy based on a thought; “We aim for a company which contributes to industrial expansion and social prosperity by providing creation of the value of IT.”
System Advance Co., Ltd., recognizes that protecting information assets, including the information of System Advance and also the information provided by the customers and clients, as a large pillar of a management issue in order to ensure they are able to feel confident and have a sense of relief, therefore declares the Information Security Policy, publish it inside and outside company, observe and abide by the Information Security Policy and the separate Privacy Policy.

1. Objective of Information Security Policy
Information assets to which the Information Security Policy applies shall mean information obtained or learned in the course of System Advance Co., Ltd.’s business activities, as well as all information owned by System Advance Co., Ltd. For business purposes. We require all the personnel concerned to the management handling and controlling the information assets(Executives, Employee, Dispatch workers, Out-sourcing contractors and its employees)to follow the Information Security thoroughly.
2. Organization for Information Security Management
System Advance Co., Ltd. appoints the Chairman of the Information Management Committee as Chief Information Security Officer(CISO)and sets up an Information Management Committee. We implement the information security management that can quickly take necessary measures while verifying and evaluating the progress of implementation of the information security measures companywide.
3. Development of an internal regulations for Information Security
System Advance Co., Ltd. develops internal regulations on information security as a company’s standard and ensures that all employees abide by the clear policy and rules for protecting the whole range of information assets and handling them properly throughout the company.
4. Security Measures
System Advance Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of information assets and carries out security measures from the perspective of information security management in order to prevent accidents from happening to the information assets, such as unauthorized access, information leakage, tampering, or data corruption. In case of any accident or incident regarding information security, we will immediately take preventative measures and determine the cause of accessed system by working closely with CSIRT(Computer Security Incident Response Team)to restrain an influence on the minimum and to prevent such an accident from happening again.
5. Compliance with regulations
System Advance Co., Ltd. recognizes restrictions required by laws, regulations or contract regarding information security issues. In order to manage information assets properly, we commit to reiterating efforts to ensure compliance with information assets by continuously implementing necessary education and enlightenment to all managers and employees for concerning the importance of information security and proper management of information assets.
6. Continuous Improvement
System Advance Co., Ltd. sets a goal to achieve for information security issues and performs continuous improvement of information security management system by evaluating the efficiency of information security management system through regular inspections and other reviewing methods.
  • Hiroyuki Uno
  • Representative Director, System Advance Co., Ltd.
  • Formulation:December 24, 2014
  • Amendment:March 31, 2018
  • Amendment:April 15, 2019


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