Regarding Employee Recruitment

If you have a dream, please picture yourself after your dream has come true.

The human resource we need is ones who have individual potential skill and strong will to go toward a dream. The ones who are “determined to survive” thinks what to do for “only one life to live” in carrying out an action.

We consider the business as 4 different types ; “To do only what you’re commanded”, “To do only what you’re interested in”, “To do nothing you’re expected to achieve” and “To do what you dedicate to people in need”.

For those who look for a job, we wonder what kind of thought they have in spending 8 hours a day sharing time with co-workers at the work place, even it’s much longer than with their family or beloved ones.

The ones who apply to our company are aiming to realize dreams which they individually have and making efforts to get licenses and to lean technical skills with their own intention.

In interviewing applicants, we have met some ones who said “I have a motivation” “I will do anything” but, in most of the cases, we couldn’t understand what they meant to say to us.

We think interviewees shall not sell themselves short and the employee and interviewees shall talk on an equal basis just like a marriage interview.
“Interviewees without any thought” never leave any impression to us but just leave such a comment mentioned above as they don’t try to get much information about the company.

Excuse us for saying this, but please think hard about the way you express yourself within a short time limit of an actual interview before applying to us.

Even though we require emphasis on the immediate fighting strength for the company, we think about applicants’ “personality” first for recruitment of employees.

In conclusion, the company and an applicant share responsibility equally for technical skill and ability and we ask them to make efforts to improve their skills day by day and hone their preferred style of working after entering the company.

So that we could expect them to grow up to work with us adopting our style of business as soon as possible.

At our office, we think a communication is a matter of prime importance because the mood gets worse without achieving smooth communication in the office even if we can run the business well.
We don’t want you feel difficult to do but you need a spirit of tenacity to work with a smile especially when you have to endure at some time facing hardship.

As one of Sys Ad’s spirits, we think enthusiasm for achieving your dream is the very important thing and we expect you to be recognized as a man of “working with smile” by others and also to be evaluated well as a member of society rather than just saying “I’ll work hard” by yourself.
The founder’s thought is based on the thought of “participating in management” so we listen carefully to every single employee and consider their voices importantly as the foundation of the business.

A current structure of the company is built by understanding that our representative, of course, develops up a new business field and the business consists of employees’ opinion and its fleshing-out as a muscle to secure the line.

Since we started the business at Softopia Japan in Gifu prefecture, we could have met great people. So we are so thankful for our employees we’ve met by fate and also those who have kindly supported us as we feel that the wheel of fortune turns round in our favour.

We’ve build our new office building in Goudo, Gifu City on December 24th, 2014 and, as we’re now expanding a range of our service, we increase our recruitment of workers who have strong passion to make their dream come true.

We hope this will be a great chance to meet nice people.

Hiroyuki Uno
Representative Director
System Advance Co., Ltd.

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Message from senior workers

What is the point that makes something worth doing through the job? And also the point that makes you struggle with?

ユWhen our customer says “So helpful” “Thank you” after completing my task, I feel rewarded and happy with what I’ve done for them.
(Iwasaki – In charge of General User Support for Centralized Operation and Management of the system for Prefectural government office)

What is your policy?

To strive to fulfill our customers’ requests as much as I can.
(Tanaka – System Solution Department)

Please give a message to those who’s willing to join Sys Ad.

It’s the company you can make your motivation into “reality”!
You may be the one to change the company by saying a word? So let's work hard in order to make our dreams come true!!!
(Ohno – System Solution Department)


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