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Website Building

Our company is a technological group which enables a total support for a wide range of services such as “Website building, Web-based application development, Hosting and rental server”.

Website, or shortly called “Site”, is bunch of web pages that any computer or individual can publish on a specific theme through the internet. Basically, each website has a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). “Top Page” means a page which is shown just after putting its URL on the web browser, and it works as a front page being linked to other pages of the website.

As technology keeps progressing day by day, it has become “common” to have services using the internet since the broadband internet age has come. It’s an ironclad rule to respond to an increasing market needs and we shall maximize the use of the internet from now on as everyone can access the internet nowadays.

Web Solution
  • Home Page Creation(Website Building)
  • Website building for introducing corporation, promoting product and service and recruiting
  • Website applicable for smartphones and tablet devices(responsive)
  • SSL encryption(SSL encrypted communication for the whole website)
  • Adopts the standard of [Secured website building method] of Information-technology Promotion Agency of Japan
  • Providing our company’s original updating tool
Web Marketing
  • Group Distribution / Attaching image files
  • Support service for using SNS tools
  • such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

After website has been made, its unique URL(Uniform Resource Locator)can be managed on a web server for 24 hours every day throughout 365 days and a website can be used for gathering information by many people around the world.

Hosting service is the same as renting a server. Hosting is a rental service of a web server supplied by its service provider, so an ownership of a web server is taken by a service provider. While “Exclusive hosting” means a server dedicated to a single user, 「Shared Hosting」means that a server is shared by multiple users. Shared hosting is cheaper compared to renting a whole server exclusively.

Housing service also called as Collocation service, means that a service provider keeps and runs a server machine and related equipment which are provided by the customer. Every customer can choose an equipment for their own, so it’s arrangeable to set up the combination of the equipment as needed. Then, an ownership of a server is held by the customer. In this case, a service provider just provides a space for placing a server and a backbone network.

Web Contents/Server Operation and Maintenance Service
  • Exclusive/Shared rental server
  • Company operated Data Center
  • Regular website maintenance

A Main Advantage of Outsourcing is to Decrease Cost
  • Data backup is available
  • Stable high-speed network is available
  • It seems to operate on its own server outside the company
  • Highly specialized knowledge is not required

The data center of our company is located at the advanced information industrial complex where the Gifu prefectural government has started developing since the 90’s(Total size of the area is 12.7 hectare, and they have more than 170 IT related companies and more than 2,000 IT related engineers)
※Data center is a facility to set and operate server computers and related equipment for providing its function and service to customers. A data center specifically provides an internet service called as Internet Data Center(IDC)

1st Point
The data center of the Web server management facility has a seismic isolation structure that can withstand earthquake motion with a seismic intensity of 7 or higher, and a high-floor structure that uses the seismic isolation layer. Operation is maintained by the power generator even when the power supply is stopped. Web server monitoring operation is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
2nd Point
In the data center, a dedicated IPS / firewall ensures safe operation and maintenance of Web / DB servers.
※IPS is a system that prevents and monitors unauthorized server communications such as intrusion attempts by monitoring signals with servers and outside the network.
※A firewall is a system that blocks unauthorized access between networks.
3rd Point
OptionEV SSL is introduced to enhance security.
※SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)is a mechanism(protocol)for transmitting and receiving encrypted data over the Internet.
※EV(Extended Validation)verifies that the organization described in the certificate exists legally and physically, and that the organization is the owner of the domain described in the certificate. EV SSL has world-standard authentication guidelines and is the strictest SSL server certificate. If you display a website with EV SSL installed in a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome, it will appear in the address bar. The operating organization of the website will be displayed and will turn green. Access users can see the operating organization they accessed by simply looking at the address bar.

OptionSecurity strengthened by installing SaaS type WAF as a countermeasure against Ddos attacks.
※A Ddos attack(distributed denial of service attack)is a network attack designed to send a large number of requests to a Web server, generating a huge processing load on the server and driving it to a service stop state.
※ SaaS [Software as a Service] is a form of usage in which software is provided through a communication network and the user calls and uses what is needed when necessary. Also called service type software.
※WAF is a software(or hardware) firewall that prevents unauthorized access from external networks, and can prevent unauthorized intrusion by understanding and managing the exchange of Web applications.

Web System / Smartphone Application Development

The Web system is a system development that uses a network which no longer requires installation on each computer. You can access the system like viewing a homepage on the Internet. Conventional system development(other than Web system development)requires software installation on each PC, resulting in higher costs and has problems with convenience.
In the Web system, it is possible to make a system that can be viewed and accessed only by the authorized persons by limiting the access of the system.

There are various environments for developing a web system, but it is often built in the “LAMP Environment”. “LAMP” is an abbreviation for Linux(OS), Apache(Web server), MySQL(DB server), and PHP.

    The reason that this environment is popular:
  • Open source, no license fee required.
  • Many users and plenty of development information
  • Easy to build environment and user-friendly

Smartphone apps are software used by smartphones.
There are differences between iPhone and Android smartphones and the conventional folding mobile phone(ガラケー), such as touch operation, the internet etc. The most obvious difference between smartphone and Garake is whether if it can add a “function”. In conclusion, we can say that this “function” that can be added is called an app.
Using your favorite smartphone app will make your smartphone more convenient and enrich your environment(e.g. lifestyle information); but be careful because some apps can be unsafe.

Apps(applications)are software that runs on the Operating System of games, emails, and music players. Originated from the world of personal computers, the recognition of the abbreviation of “app” has risen all at once thanks to the advent of smartphones such as the iPhone.

Web System Development
System Development and Maintenance using Web Database
  • Program Development, Maintenance Management

Smartphone / Tablet Application Development
  • other,「Bubble Catcher」「Ad Learning」etc.
  • other,「Electronic Medical Chart for Tablets」「Calculation Memo」etc.

Information Communication and Infrastructure Development

IT infrastructure contains computers, equipment, software, data, communication lines, networks, etc. that serve as the basis for operating information systems.
The main concept of telecommunications is that the infrastructure is comparable to gulf facilities and railways that serves as the foundation, using information infrastructure as the key to support cyberspace.
The IT information infrastructure consists of hardware such as 「PC」 and 「Server」 and software such as 「OS」, 「Application」 and「Database」.

By developing an information and communication infrastructure, 「Using Excel for Paperwork」「Using a Web Browser to look for the Site and Investigate the Competition」「Contacting Customers and Business Partners by Email」「Using Cloud Software」The in-house infrastructure is what supports the natural business.
In the development of the information communication infrastructure that greatly influences the work efficiency and the work environment,

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Fault Tolerance
It is necessary to consider the improvement of these three viewpoints.

Network Construction, Infrastructure Development

Application Help Desk

Help Desk / Service Desk is a department that handles technical inquiries about products and information systems from customers and employees within an organization such as a company.
The help desk service is used to answer inquiries from employees and staff of other departments regarding the IT systems in operation, deployed IT equipment, communication networks, business software etc. A department that listens to requests.
In addition, 「help desk」 and 「service desk」 are often used synonymously. Help desk is a passive task of dealing with problems brought in by users while the Service desk may be distinguished in the sense that it is a more comprehensive service window, and may include services such as responding to inquiries in various fields other than technology-related fields and actively transmitting information.


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