Company name System Advance Co., Ltd.
Business Purpose
Office 〒501-0105 Gifu-ken Gifu-shi Goudo 4-168-2ACCESS MAP
TEL:058-216-1243  /  FAX:058-216-1244     
Takayama Office 〒506-0016 Gifu-ken Takayama-shi Suehiromachi 54Google MAP
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Group Companies
  • Quadrifoglio CO., LTD.
    TEL:0577-37-0428  /  FAX:0577-37-0328
  • International Hatago Rickshaw Inn
    〒506-0016 Gifu-ken Takayama-shi Suehiromachi 54
    TEL:0577-32-2890力車イン ホームページ
Established September 1st , 2000(Founded:April 1st , 2000)
Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Representative Director
  • Representative Director : Hiroyuki Uno
    • Certified expert of Gifu Chamber of Commerce
    • Registered office administration device sales of Gifu Public Safety Commission
    • 51st Chairperson of Lions Club Ikeda-Good section(2019-2020)
    • Clinical Blood Test Center : Regular Inspector, System Development, Maintenance and Management
    • Internet provider : System Maintenance, Server Operation and Management
    • Computer related schools/colleges Non-regular (Part-time) Programming Instructor
  • Board of directors
  • Director : Masaki Midori, Business Solution Sales Department
  • Director : Yuki Ohno, Service Management Department
  • Auditor : Rika Uno
Business category Information Service Industry
Number of Employees 16 *As of 01, 2022
By Department : Engineer 9 / Sales 5 / Service 2
By Gender:Female 11 / Male 5
Number of IT qualifications: 90 (Number of other qualifications: 9)
  • System Integration Business / Sales of Computer, Communication devices, Software and Development of software for clients etc.
  • Website creation / Maintenance / Internet Domain Server Management (Hosting/Rental) etc.
  • Service & Support Business / Providing supplies and peripheral device, Maintenance, Educational Support etc.
  • Underwriting Insurance Agency / Tokyo Marine Nichido
Business Purpose
  1. Providing various sort of information by using the internet
  2. Planning, preparation, creation and management of websites
  3. Planning and designing of computer, network system and software
  4. Sales, leasing, importing and exporting of computer and related equipment
  5. Developing, leasing, importing and exporting of software of computer
  6. Maintenance and management of hardware and software of computer
  7. Data processing service and information provision service
  8. Service related to collecting, processing and sales of information data by using communication system
  9. Service related to advertising and promotion by using newspaper, publication and internet
  10. Running computer technology schools and instructing ways of using computer software
  11. Acquisition, transferring, leasing and management of industrial property rights, copyrights and other intellectual property rights
  12. Sales of admission ticket, pass and related items of music concert, stage play, movies and other shows
  13. Leasing, maintenance and owning real estate properties
  14. Running restaurants
  15. Damage insurance agency business
  16. Service related to promoting life insurance
  17. Promoting insurance related to Automobile Accident Compensation Security Act
  18. Trading marketable securities
  19. Worker dispatching undertakings
  20. Other services related to those items mentioned above
Main Clients Gifu Prefecture, Goudo cho (Anpachi gun, Gifu Prefecture), Ikeda cho (Ibi gun, Gifu prefecture), Yourou cho (Tourou gun, Gifu prefecture), Gifu Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry, Gifu Council of Social Welfare, Councils of Social Welfare in Gifu (More or less 10 councils), The Ogaki Seino Shinkin Bank, The Johnan Shinkin Bank, Minami Shouji Inc., Fuji Electric IT Solutions Co.,Ltd., Accenture Japan Ltd., Mirai Communication Network Inc., Ikeda-Goudo Lions Club
Company Introduction In 2000, we set up the company at SOFTOPIA JAPAN in Ogaki City, Gifu prefecture.
At the beginning, we focused on the very first research and development of medical-use web-based system (management system for dialysis therapy) and, in 2005, we have developed the security system with fingerprint authentication and we’ve made many other systems so far. On the Christmas eve in 2014, we transferred to our new office building which was just built in Gifu City.
In the internet communication technology and information service industry, we’ve been working with more than 800 clients since we started the business and, in 2016, we’ve honorably received “Yahoo! JAPAN’s Search Award – Local Area Section in Gifu Region” for The Ogaki Seino Shinkin Bank’s corporate website which we’ve created.
We’ve been working for many projects such as “Administrative-use web system development, smart phone application development, Network building, website creation, internet domain operation and management, Regular maintenance of computer, Managing customer support tasks for local government offices” and throughout our business activities above, we aim to enable “coexistence and co-prosperity” and to do the business which can be said “It’s great if there is!” at any time.


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