President’s Greeting

No attack , No Chance~挑戦なしに、チャンス(好機)なし~

We, [System Advance Ltd. Co.], are the company which widely provides various sort of services into the world such the research and development of web-base system for medical use, website creation, server control, system maintenance, web system development.
Nowadays, we’re expanding our business while we aim to be the company which handles the integrated system development and maintenance for the smartphone applications in mobile devices have been evolved and working style has been diversified.

Since we started the company, we’ve been aiming for making a great sensation with our innovation in the information service industry so we’ve been doing the business with 3 important elements we believe ; Uniqueness, Practical value, Globalization.

Always think what “We need to do now”, and there’re 3 elements our company comes along with

  • Uniqueness : Ability of generating creative ideas
  • Practical value : Challenging spirit to enhance the value and realize the idea
  • Globalization : Thinking there’s nothing special from a global perspective as there’s a saying “The World is flat”

We gathered members who have 3 elements and they maximize their value in the business structure by combining technology and insight into the market, aside from using technology alone.

We’ll all strive as one to make efforts to provide our services to more and more customers around the world by raising a revolution of innovation.

Please keep looking forward to our work from now on.


Please feel free to inquire about our service and other issues.

[Headquarter]TEL+81  58・216・1243

[Takayama Office]TEL+81  577・37・1243